Professors, doctors, senior police officials, scientists, athletes and more – For two decades, Oren Zarif has been accompanying thousands on the path to an amazing recovery.

For over 20 years, Oren Zarif has been treating dozens of people every day at the “Mind Power” branches nationwide, applying a method that he developed for helping patients and people in pain. And so, magic is performed every day, changing people’s lives from one end to the other. Nowadays, doctors, scientists, senior economic officials and foreigners all come to receive treatment from Oren Zarif.

Psychokinesis – One treatment away from a full recovery
Zarif applies psychokinesis, following the method presented by Joseph Murphy, author of “The Power of your Subconscious Mind”. In his book, he describes how anyone can overcome a mental of physical illness by harnessing the subconscious. As part of the treatment, Zarif conveys an energetic power to the relevant areas in order to stimulate the appropriate organs to function efficiently.

Over the years, Oren Zarif successfully treated thousands of patients in Israel and around the world. For many of them, conventional medicine failed to provide a solution and/or a proper treatment for their illness and they were surprised to discover relief in Zarif’s special treatment method. His patients include professors and scientists who were amazed by Zarif’s success.
Many patients have become Zarif enthusiasts, as evident in the many letters of gratitude received by the company. Hundreds of patients wish to take pictures with him after their treatment and provide testimony of their case and hundreds of articles have been published in all media channels in Israel and around the world.

90% success in treating pain and diseases
“Doctors, professors and the most senior scientists come to me for treatment, reporting amazing success after just one treatment”, says Zarif. “These people hold a very high position within the Israeli society and despite being skeptic at first, they are all eventually in awe when they leave”.
Zarif was mentioned in all media channels in Israel and worldwide, successfully and unequivocally proving that his special powers can help in 90% of the cases. For the thousands of patients that Zarif treats in Israel and abroad every month, there are just a few cases in which treatment did not succeed.

“There is something in his hands that helps with the most severe illnesses”, said neurologist, Dr. R. Kramer, after Zarif treated and greatly helped her daughter, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. “Zarif even managed to help with multiple sclerosis for which, as a doctor I know that nothing helps”.
Prof. K. Danovich also came to zarif for treatment after conventional treatment were of no avail. He suffered from problems sleeping and walking difficulties. According to his son, “We heard about Oren Zarif’s treatment method and decided to give it a try. After just one treatment, my father’s sleep has improved and he managed to walk without the use of a cane! We are very thankful for what he did for us”.

“Oren completely cleaned me up”
Prof. Bezalel Narkiss, Israel Prize laureate and a world expert on art, visited Zarif in the past, aiming to end a problem that had plagued him for years. He said: “I have great respect for Oren for what he did for me. He completely cleaned me up and restored my joie de vivre, all after just one treatment”.
In an investigative piece by Dan Even in 2008, he noted that “40 doctors have starred in Oren Zarif’s advertisements over the past year, praising his ability to treat a variety of conditions”. Indeed, many conventional medicine professionals come to him to try his treatment. During treatment, the patient sits on a chair as Zarif focuses his thoughts and applies a stream of forces toward the subconscious.

Dr. Mary and Dr. Haim C., a married couple, were also satisfied customers, defining Zarif as a “miracle”. They reported that, thanks to Zarif’s treatment, Mary was saved the need to undergo an ovarian cystectomy. “His method is amazing, we recommend it to everyone”, they say. “I was scheduled to receive an epidural injection or undergo surgery”, reports pediatrician Dr. Arkin, adding “after just two sessions with Oren, I feel a great improvement and can walk without pain”.

“Just one treatment and I am a completely different person”
Cancer, handicapped, blocked arteries, CVA, multiple sclerosis, paralysis – people suffering from these conditions and many more were treated by the best physicians, without success, only to visit Zarif for treatment against all odds. The patients report that Zarif succeeds where others fail.
Dr. Reichenstein, an anesthesiologist, testifies that “Oren’s abilities are amazing. Within just one treatment, I am a completely different person”. Dr. Wallach, a general practitioner who suffered from a spinal problem projecting to her leg and a slipped disk, describes the change in her health following her session with Zarif – “I took many pills and underwent physical therapy, but nothing helped. I came to Oren and my pain has almost completely disappeared!”
Colonel Izzie (res.), a pilot, also came to Oren for treatment after 5 doctors tried to treat him without success. “Thanks to Oren, I can walk without crutches. I tried to go to various doctors and institutions, where I was given injections that only helped for a short time. Treatment by Oren Zarif was unlike any other. The man did wonders with me”.

Oren Zarif’s patients also include many well-known athletes, including basketball star Lior Eliyahu (Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel’s national team). Eliyahu says that he is “amazed by Oren Zarif’s abilities. He helped me a great deal and solved many of my problems. I suggest that anyone suffering from a problem go to Oren Zarif for treatment, because he can help you!”
Another athlete who was treated by Zarif is the former Mr. World, Eli Hanna, who said that “following elbow surgery, I suffered from recurrent infections and pain that required cortisone injections. Thanks to Oren’s treatments, the pain disappeared and there are no more infections!”

Doctors now admit: A combination of psychokinesis and conventional medicine
News of Zarif’s success rapidly reached the medical community, which has begun studying Oren Zarif’s psychokinetic treatment method and to integrate it in their care, alongside the conventional methods. Dr. Olga Onishuk suffered from severe pain and was successfully treated by Zarif. Following treatment, she enrolled in Zarif’s course on the subconscious. “Oren treated me successfully and, thanks to him, I am now treating others with his method and I feel that I have the powers to help them”.

“The paralysis is gone, I have started moving my hand”
Oren Zarif treats people with the power of subconscious every week. Most of his patients come to him after trying all possible treatment methods and visiting the best physicians – seeking him out as their last hope and eventually finding relief for their pain.
A great medical miracle occurred in Zarif’s clinic in Ashdod when Stella Michaeli, a resident of the city who suffered from paralysis of her left arm, regained full use of her hand. Stella had already come to terms with her handicapped after undergoing two operations following which the doctors told her that her hand would be paralyzed for life. “Luckily, I heard about Oren Zarif’s abilities and, lo and behold, my hand started moving after the second treatment. Today, I use my left hand as if nothing had ever happened, as if I was never handicapped. I have no words for thanking Oren Zarif for his powers”.

Another success story related to a paralyzed hand that regained functioning thanks to Zarif’s treatment is that of Maria Karo, an 81-year old woman from Paris. Her right hand was severely injured and paralyzed due to a fall. After being treated by the best, world renowned physicians in France and paying them a fortune, her husband heard of Oren Zarif and decided to travel to Israel for treatment “After all of the doctors said that there is nothing to do and that the paralysis is permanent, I attended one treatment with oren, felt his energy entering my body and, what a surprise – I lifted my hand for the first time in 6 months!
Maria has a clear message for anyone who is skeptical about Zarif’s treatment: “I want to explain that there is hope even after conventional medicine gives up. I commend his work and hope that he continues to help others as he helped me”.
“The brain has immense capabilities, it has such great potential, that nothing can stand in its way”, explains Zarif about the manner in which the body heals itself, adding that “I believe that the brain is capable of curing any physical problem, illness, ailment and injury. As an organ that controls each and every cell of our bodies, the brain has no limits. There is nothing it cannot do if the powers are applied”.

“Our brains do not easily reveal their secrets”, he concludes. “For reasons reserved to them, the brain does not always wish to respond to our requests, thus I turn to the subconscious. I circumvent the conscious mind that does not wish to cooperate in its own healing”.

Doctors decided that Yaffa needed an operation to replace her knee. After treatment at the hands of Oren Zarif, the pains disappeared and the operation was cancelled! Her husband, Shlomo, was suffering from backache and pains in his neck. Zarif managed to cure him as well!

Yaffa and Shlomo Maor, a married couple from Southern Israel, smile happily at each other as they bless Oren Zarif with all their hearts. Zarif treated both of them with treatment using the subconscious – and rescued them from pain and surgery.

Yaffa had been limping around for a long time with pains in her leg. An orthopedic surgeon had sent her for x-rays and had then decided that she needed a knee replacement. “He referred me to Kaplan”, Yaffa explains, as she shows us the paperwork.
At the last moment before the operation, Yaffa went to Oren Zarif for a treatment. “I spent 10 minutes with Oren, and walked out a different person,” says Yaffa. The pains had gone and the leg was as good as new. I went home and people couldn’t believe it when they saw the way I was walking!”
“Before I was treated by Oren Zarif, I had a terrible limp. I’d already asked my husband to get me a wheelchair,” Yaffa adds. “It’s just unbelievable how Oren saved me from having the surgery, and all that the operation entailed.”
Yaffa’s husband, Shlomo, agrees with every word. Not only was he a witness to the medical miracle wrought on his wife in front of his eyes, but he himself can attest to another miracle which took place in his own body.”
“I had such terrible backache and pains in my neck,” Shlomo tells us, “but from the second that Zarif laid his hands on me, everything changed. Now I suffer from only the mildest of aches, and I fully believe that with God’s help, Oren will soon have me completely “fixed”.
“We are both grateful to Oren from the bottom of our hearts for his help, and would advise everyone to go for his treatments,” smile the couple.

Ludmilla and Leonid both suffered from a chronic cold and a perpetual cough. After treatment using the subconscious they proclaim: “We’re not sick any more, and we’re no longer scared of air conditioning!”

Ludmilla and Leonid, a couple from Jerusalem, both suffered from a severe chronic cold and a perpetual cough. “We suffered terribly from the cold, especially when we were in air conditioned offices or buses”, they explain. “Whenever we spent time in an air-conditioned place, it immediately made us sick…”
Doctors treated the couple with antibiotics, but there was no improvement in their condition. “We just couldn’t stop coughing”, they tell us.

When they visited Oren Zarif’s clinic in Jerusalem, the first thing he told them was that they were lacking in energy. After a few treatments using the subconscious, there was a complete turn-about in their state of health.
“Now we feel fine. We’re not sick any more, and we’ve stopped coughing”, they assure us, “and we’re not scared of air-conditioning any more. We’re so grateful to Oren.”
The couple also give Oren credit for helping them with back ache. “We both suffered from pains in the spine, and Oren’s treatment made that go away as well”, Ludmilla tells us with a smile.

Yardena feels she owes her life to Oren Zarif, firstly he got her up from her wheel chair and secondly made a growth in her breast disappear.

The story of Yardena Goldfarb will leave you open mouthed. She came to Oren Zarif who treats people through a technique of subconscious three years ago when bound to a wheel chair because of previous cancer illness. “ I managed to overcome my cancer illness and since I wanted to walk once more, I came to see Oren”. The treatment was long and difficult but the effort was worth it because I can walk again”.

This was three years ago.
In April of 2007 I was diagnosed with a growth in my right breast. The doctors at the Hospital advised immediate surgery, but I went to see Oren Zarif once more. I undertook two treatments and then went for a private medical examination where they found that the growth had disappeared. I returned to the hospital and was examined a new. Nothing was found and the doctors were astounded. Since then I am a great admirer of Oren Zarif, and with good reason!.

Married couple Dr. Haviva and Dr. Ivan V. visited Oren Zarif after watching a TV report about him – and now they express their gratitude to him for the success of his treatments.

Dr. Haviva and Dr. Ivan V. from Northern Israel – an ophthalmologist and a dentist respectively – happened to see a Channel 2 report about Oren Zarif. They were amazed to hear of his method using the subconscious and wondered whether it might be able to help them where conventional medicine, so familiar to them, was not succeeding.
The pair booked an appointment and went along to Oren Zarif’s clinic. They explained their problems to him and he promised to do his very best to help them… within less than a month they could already report that treatment had been successful.

In Haviva’s own words: “We visited Oren Zarif after seeing him on the TV, and I’m just thrilled by his abilities and by what he manages to do. I was very impressed by all the stories I heard from people I met there and, of course, by the way in which he helped me personally. I’m very grateful to him and offer him my best wishes. I’m so happy that I came. “

Husband Ivan agrees wholeheartedly. “We were very impressed by the TV report, so we went to consult with Oren about various things that had been bothering us. Now I feel so much better thanks to Oren’s treatments, and I’m very grateful to him.”

“I came to Oren Zarif because I had heard such wonderful things about him from my patients,” explained Dr. D. Palatzki. veteran physician.
Dr. Palatzki brought his wife to Oren Zarif’s clinic for treatment using his subconscious method. She was suffering from a medical problem which conventional medicine had not succeeded in relieving.

We had patience,” said Dr. Palatzki, “and after only four treatments my wife already felt a great improvement. We are continuing Oren’s treatments and believe that my wife will soon fully recover.”
As a doctor, how do you explain Oren Zarif’s method?
“I have no idea but all the evidence proves his method works. There are many things conventional medicine cannot explain, such as naturopathic doctors, who also heal patients. Alternative methods are an additional effort that is of benefit to patients.”

Bella L. suffered a severe stroke and the doctors feared she would not recover * The family brought her, attached to a feeding tube and in a wheelchair, to Oren Zarif’s clinic * After only a short time, Bella started to talk and walk and was released from the hospital…

Bella L.’s family find it difficult to believe that only a few weeks ago they had brought her to Oren Zarif’s clinic, attached to a feeding tube, and not responding to her surroundings. After only two weeks she started talking and was released from the hospital.

Bella had suffered a severe stroke and was hospitalized. Her son, Pavel, said that the doctors told them that if she stayed alive she would be lucky and they shouldn’t raise their hopes.
Her husband, Roman, refuses to talk about that day. “It’s difficult to remember that day,” he said, “Bella was in critical condition, but now, thanks to Oren Zarif, she is fine and has returned home.”
Her family had refused to lose hope and brought Bella in a wheelchair to Oren Zarif, who treats patients by means of the subconscious. Two weeks after the first treatment she was sent home, from the hospital and could be disconnected from her feeding tube. She could say a few words. Since then, she has slowly started recuperating, has started walking by herself and to speak more…
“Thanks to Oren,” Bella said, “I started to walk and talk and I also hope to return to work.”

The singer who twice represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest, visited the clinic of the practitioner who uses the subconscious – and was amazed by the results

“I came to Oren Zarif for treatment, and was simply amazed. He works miracles.” Eddie Butler, the singer who twice represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest made this statement, thus joining the long list of celebrities who recommend treatment by Oren Zarif.

Former member of the Eden group (1999) he went solo in the 2006 Eurovision Contest with the song, “This is the Time.” Butler is part of the Black Hebrew community of Dimona. He recently heard about Oren Zarif and his use of the subconscious in treating physiological and mental ailments. Butler came to the clinic, told Zarif about his problems, and hoped for assistance. But he never dreamed of such a rapid improvement.

“I was amazed at what Zarif did,” Butler relates. “I am so grateful to him for his help, and recommend him highly to everyone. Oren simply works miracles. There’s nothing more to say..” he concluded.

“Nothing further need be said; he simply has amazing powers.” These were the words used by Uzi Cohen, acting Mayor of Raanana, to describe paranormalist Oren Zarif.
Cohen and Zarif met for the first time a few years ago, when Zarif shut off the traffic signal at the Raanana-Tzafon interchange using mental power. Cohen, amazed by Zarif’s powers, used Zarif recently when Cohen was suffering from various pains.

Cohen invited Zarif to his office in Raanana City Hall, and was astounded at how, after only one treatment, his pains disappeared. Zarif, on his part, invited Cohen to take part in some of his shootings from his Channel 8 program, where Zarif treated Cohen on camera, and Cohen couldn’t stop singing Zarif’s praises.

Shaul Reichani is well-known in the field of alternative medicine who also knows that where neither conventional medicine nor alternative medicine succeed, there’s a third option.
Reichani went to see paranormalist Oren Zarif when he was suffering from severe back pain. He believed that Zarif could help him, and he was right.

“Oren completely cured me,” says Reichani. “He’s one of a kind in the sub-conscious field. I was amazed at how after he touched me, my back straightened out. Where it had hurt, the pain disappeared. I simply feel that I’m in good hands.”

Diets, diets: Who hasn’t gone on one and then eventually caved in? There are those who last longer, others give up quickly, and yet others use… paranormal powers.
Oren Zarif, in addition to being known as the man who can cure anything, has racked up lots of successes in helping patients with weight loss. L., a Russian immigrant, tells her story:
“What didn’t I try in order to lose weight?

I went for acupuncture, tried various diets—some of them pretty strange—and nothing helped. Then I found Oren Zarif. He has amazing energy in his hands, and without touching me or my having to move from my seat, I lost 10 kilos in only 40 days. I feel great, and I’m so happy!”

Parents are amazed at Oren Zarif’s success at treating son’s rare medical problem

Every parent’s nightmare is giving birth to a baby with a medical problem that no doctor can treat. Many such parents take their child from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, try alternative medicine, search, consult… and all to no avail. The only answer they get is, “We can’t do anything”.

Such were the parents of S., today a grinning ten-year-old. S. was born with a problem in his left cheek that caused extreme swelling that continued to worsen. The swelling in turn endangered his left eye, which was being pressed outward.
S.’s mother said, “Since he was young, doctors have told us that this condition has no treatment except an operation that can be performed in Boston in extreme cases. We went to the best specialists, we even went to Rabbi Elimelech Firer [head of the non-profit Ezra l’Marpeh]. Unfortunately, no one could help us, and S.’s condition continued to worsen. He was too embarrassed to go to school because his cheek was the size of a balloon.”

The turning point came when a friend suggested that they take S. to see paranormalist Oren Zarif, who uses the forces of the sub-conscious to heal.
“S. has now had four treatments,” says his mother, “and there’s already a noticeable improvement, really unexplainable. His lip has receded, and his eye is back in place. Now at worst he looks like he’s had a dental anesthetic. The fact that Oren has been able to bring us this far is enough for me, and we’re confident that there’s still more he can do. We’re all in shock from the magic he can perform, and can’t understand how he does it!”

If you’re not sleeping at night due to fears or anxiety, if you’re lacking in self-confidence, if you’re not at peace—help is available. No, not in the form of more pills that you’ve undoubtedly already tried, but a solution of another kind: Oren Zarif. Zarif, known as a paranormalist who has succeeded in curing nearly every ailment, also treats in his nationwide network of clinics those who suffer from anxiety.

One such sufferer who doesn’t regret going to see Zarif is L, a soldier from the North. L was persuaded by his mother to go to Zarif after he began suffering insomnia, anxiety, and loss of self-confidence. And what does L have to say today? “It works!” he confirms. “I can’t explain it, I don’t know what Oren did to me, but it works. After a few treatments, my confidence returned, I have far less anxiety, and I sleep better. It even manifests itself in my dreams, which are calm, which they weren’t before. I thank Oren from the bottom of my heart for his help.”

M., 20, regrets the day she got on the all-terrain vehicle; the decision cost her dearly: The ATV turned over, leaving M. seriously injured. Her spinal column sustained a blow, and her spinal cord was crushed.

M. was left paralyzed from the chest down, a T5 injury classification.
At this early age, M. was confined to a wheelchair; her mother supports her and is always by her side. Alongside conventional treatment, mother and daughter decided to visit Oren Zarif’s clinic. Since then, says M., she’s undergone a huge improvement.

“If it hadn’t been for Oren, I would’ve lost hope long ago,” she said. “Today I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Since I’ve been in his care, with every passing week I feel changes for the better.” Her mother nods her agreement. “Every week she comes home from her treatment relaxed and in a good mood,” she said.
“With God’s help,” said M., “I believe that soon Oren will succeed in getting me to stand and I’ll walk home from his clinic.”

As we know, “You have friends at Egged”, and now it appears that it’s good to have friends at Egged…
Avraham, 50, from Ramat Gan, came to Oren Zarif on the recommendation of his brother, an Egged employee, who told Avraham that many Egged drivers are Zarif’s patients.
Avraham’s left arm was paralyzed following a stroke. In addition, when he walked, he felt that his body leaned to the left.

How can our brain control our health? Our brain is capable of maximum control over our body, when it wants to – Oren Zarif explains that the subconscious mind can make the brain want to

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